I'm extremely sorry for letting you check a sentence which didn't make sense at all. I hope you can have a look at them now.

1) Septimus Warren Smith, a World War I veteran suffering from shell shock, is described as a man in his thirties with an apprehensive expression.
2) He has (got) a pale face, a beak nose and hazel eyes. He’s wearing brown shoes and a shabby overcoat.
3) He is frightened and thinks he is blocking the way and that everyone is looking at him.
4) In point of fact, he has always been frightened since he was unable to grieve for the death of his close friend Evan during the war.
5) It is this incapacity for feeling which keeps worrying and frightening him.
6) He has been married for four, five years to a twenty-four-year-old Italian woman named Lucrezia. She is a hat-maker, daughter of an innkeeper in Milan.
7) She is depicted as a little woman with large eyes in a sallow pointed face.
8)She is a likeable, simple, impulsive woman whose main ambition is to have children.
9) Lucrezia at first wonders who might
be in the car but she is afraid everyone might notice her husband’s strange behavior.
10) She fears that people could have heard him saying he wanted to commit suicide.
9) She doesn’t understand his mental illness but perceives it as a failure
which must be concealed.
10) This is (?)why she is going to take him away into some park.

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  1. 2. Leave out "got"

    9. Comma before "but"

    10. What does "this" represent?

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