I got a case study about a woman with ulcerative colitis and i need help finding information on UC and prednisone and sulfasalzine from .o r g cites , im not allowed to use .c o m cites . its . help please

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  1. Your instructor needs to become familiar to the web and domain names.

    Org can be used by any group, including commercial groups. As can com. Anyone intending to use those domain suffixes as a clue to reliability, or trustworthiness is at the best very naive.

    Even .edu is not a clue to trustworthiness these days, with the pleura of online "schools" which students in with their promises of education, all the while ing up all the federal loans in the students names they can.

    Yes, it is , at least that shows me you have learned more than your teacher. Good.

    Now for your request. If you go to advanced search on Google, you can select domain names, here is one:
    Notice the second link, .org, but clearly a shyster selling wares.

    And the next:

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