I'm confused.Can someone tell me if I have done this correct.I'm trying to get the average using a weighted scale:
90% ---------- 5%
100% ---------15%
95% --------- 15%
90% -----------5%
94.5% --------60%
I multiplied the total grade by the percent, then added the percent. But I get 109.20 as a final grade but I know that can be right...please help me. Thanks

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  1. 90+100+95+90+94.5 = 469.5
    469.5/5 = 93.9 = average grade without weighting.(weight of .20 or 20% for each)
    now do it with weighting
    90*.05 +100*.15+95*.15+90*.05 +94.5*.60= 90.9 with weighting

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  2. 90*.05 +100*.15+95*.15+90*.05 +94.5*.60= 90.9 = 94.95

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  3. thanks for your help

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