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  1. Math

    My question is about guess my rule, in Russian math. x - y 1=21 2=22 7=27 8= don't know 9= don't know _ = 33 33- don't know _ = 65 102=don't know _ - 130 and then it says Rule: y=... and so yeah. the signs that are like this _

    asked by Emily on June 24, 2020
  2. Health

    I have to find out how the excretory system is related to the other following body systems (in parentheses I wrote how i think they are related, but if anyone has a better answer can you please help): Nervous (the adrenel gland

    asked by Anonymous on June 18, 2006
  3. English

    1. Don't make a noise at the movies. 2. Don't talk out loud at the movie. 3. Don't talk to others in the movies. 4. Don't talk aloud in the movie. 5. Don't have a conversation loudly in the movie theater. 6. Don't disturb others

    asked by rfvv on April 19, 2019
  4. English

    Why is the telephone convenient? 1. We don't have to talk face to face. 2. We don't have to write letters to someone that is far away from us. 3. We don't have to write letters to people who are far away from us. 4. We don't have

    asked by rfvv on May 24, 2010
  5. Spanish

    Can someone please explain to me how to do this: Traduce las frases al espanol, por favor. 1. Don't rent the apartment 2. Don't leave 3. Don't pass the papers 4. Never play the piano 5. Don't visit your grandmother etc.... Please

    asked by John on May 12, 2008
  1. English

    Taking turns with your partner, talk about the things which you don't need to do on Sunday. 1. What don't you have to do on Sundays. 2. Let me know the things you don't have to do ons Sunday. 3. Would you say an activity you don't

    asked by rfvv on May 19, 2013
  2. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 7:59pm. 1. I totally disagree with you. 2. I completely disagree with you. 3. I entirely disagree with you. ( Do they mean that I don't agree with you at all?) (Are they

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  3. Algebra

    Help please (x^3 + 3x^2 - 2x+7)/(x+1)=11 I don't how how to solve this at all-the answer should be 11 but I don't have a clue how to get it-please show me this one so I can hopefully do my homeowrk-we did this in class today but I

    asked by Jeremy on March 7, 2012
  4. Algebra 2

    Completing the square method allows you to solve any quadratic equation. For each of the following determine what number completes the square. I cannot find my notes on completing the square, can someone please help with these two

    asked by Christian on May 21, 2007
  5. drbob222 math,correction

    i made some corrections for the previous postage can you check those when you get a chance please. Also for this one: my options of answers are: A)2y + 6/3 B)3x- 6 /2 C)2 + 2y D)2/3y + 6 Directions: Solve for x: 3x - 2y =6 3x - 2y

    asked by jasmine20 on January 11, 2007
  6. English

    1. Don is as strong as Bill. 2. Don is much stronger than Bill. 3. Don is a little stronger than Bill. 4. Don is somewhat stronger than Bill. 5. Don is less strong than Bill. 6. Don is much the best strongest of the three. 7. Don

    asked by rfvv on February 28, 2010

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