Chem titration ph

What arethe pH, pOH, and concentrations of CO3 2- and HCO3 - after 1.000 mL of 0.1500 M HCl is added to 100.0 mL of 0.0100-M sodium carbonate solution? ignore the added1% volume.

CO3^-2 + H^+ ==> HCO3^-
Calculate mols carbonate to start.
Calculate mols HCl to start.
Subtract carbonate - HCl. You should get 0.85 millimols CO3^-2 left.
You will have formed 0.15 millimols HCO3^-
Divding those by 100 mL will give molarity of carbonate and bicarbonate.
Use pH = pK2 + log(base/acid) to calcualte pH and from there pOH.
Post your work if you run into trouble.

well i just had a question on how to figure out the pk2 value? thank you

pK = -log K

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