I had problems in sending you my sentences on the Canterbury Tales. Can you please check them and let me know if the word choice is correct? Thank you very much in advance.

1)The tales are structured as a series of interlinked stories, told by a group of pilgrims who are going on a pilgrimage to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket.
2) Though the tales are narrated by different pilgrims, the reporting pilgrim is Chaucer himself.
3) The whole cicle is prefaced by a General Prologue, in which the narrator gives us a brief description of each of the pilgrims.
4) In the prologue Chaucer does not follow the social hierarchy of presentation of the time. Furhermore, he mixes female and male characters in order to underline the new importance women were achieving within the middle class.
5) The pilgrims come from different social classes. However, neither the aristocracy nor the poorest class of society are included in his portrait of English society.
6)As a matter of fact, no noblemen would have agree to travel with commoners and no lower-class people could have afforded (or could afford?) the expense of such a trip.
7) The characters are presented as dynamic (?) in contrast (in antithesis ?) with the conventional medieval character portrait which was generally rather static.
8) The descriptions of the pilgrims differ in length, point of view and tone.
9) Some of the tales are followed by an epilogue as well.
10) They gather at Tabard Inn in London. It is the host, who proposes the tale-telling competition as a way of passing the time on the journey.
11)Every pilgrim has to tell two stories on the way to Canterbury and two stories on the way back, and there will be a prize for the best story and a penalty for anyone (?) who gives up.

asked by Franco
  1. These are all excellent.

    In 7, the best choice is "in contrast."

    posted by Ms. Sue

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