(1) Which of the following clusters of orbitals would form the shape trigonal bipyramidal and would also be possible within the valence shell of an atom?
a.) one d orbital
b.) five d orbitals
c.) five sp^3 orbitals
d.) five sp^3d orbitals
e.) five sp^3d^2 orbitals
f.) two sp orbitals and three sp^2 orbitals
g.) three sp^2 orbitals and two p orbitals
h.) three sp^2 orbitals and one p orbital

(2) Which of the following clusters of orbitals would form the octahedral shape and would also be possible within the valence shell of an atom?
a.) two sp orbitals and two p orbitals
b.) two sp orbitals and four p orbitals
c.) one sp orbital and two p orbitals
d.) six sp^3 orbitals
e.) three p orbitals
f.) six sp^3d^2 orbitals
g.) six sp^3d orbitals
h.) three sp orbitals

I really need help, please!!! :)

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  1. 5 sp3d
    3 sp2 and one p

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