Hello, and thank you in advance for your help!

I'm writing on behalf of my daughter in 6th grade, who was crying last night about a project that's due tomorrow (Wednesday). For Math, she's supposed to choose her favorite number (16) and create a "project" highlighting the number, including the following vocabulary terms:
common factor
common multiple
square number
prime factorization

It can be a story, poem, poster or whatever?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, as she doesn't know where to start and neither do I! What a weird assignment!


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asked by Deb
  1. It's not usual for some people to feel overwhelmed by such an open-ended assignment -- I was often confused when I wasn't told exactly what I was to do (I worried that I'd do it wrong, maybe?).

    If it were me, I might go for a poster, and come up with creative ways to display things such as the factors of 16, what 16 is divisible by, whether it's odd or even, etc. Or, if I chose a poem, I might compose one that explains those things in verse.

    Good luck and post if you need more help. :)

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    posted by Jack
  2. Thanks for answering, Jack! A poster it is, and she's trying her best to be "creative" with the #16, as you suggested, with the factors, etc.


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    posted by Deb
  3. I'm glad to hear it worked out alright. :D

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    posted by Jack

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