Consider the following information:
Sales(units) Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Christmas 98 114 123 105
Holidays 110 110 110 110
The expected frequency for cell winter/holidays (e13) is equal to
(1) 104.0
(2) 112.0
(3) 110.0
(4) 116.5
(5) 107.5

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asked by JUDY
  1. Judy, Sam, Cindy -- or Whoever has posted the last 12 stats posts -- If you posted your ideas of the answers, a tutor might then help you.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Hi, sorry, its the first time we are using this site for help. Will certainly post our answers. We are a group working together on an assignment during a short school break and we want to see who has the correct answers

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    posted by Judy
  3. (440*233)/880=116.5

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    posted by Pri

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