Rita lleva al aeroporta y tambien lleva a Tomás.

I don't understand what is meant by this sentence. Lleva means he or she carries, aeroporta means airport. Is Rita carrying something to the airport? How would I know this? How can she carry Tomás? Thanks!

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asked by Jean
  1. You apprently left out the word "me" after Rita. That is why it makes no sense as written.

    See the answer to the same question at

    "llevar" in this case means "to take" or "to give a ride to"

    With the missing "me", the sentence means" "Rita is taking me to the airport and is taking Tomas, too"

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    posted by drwls
  2. Just look at all the meanings for the verb llevar, depending upon the context, or the way it is used. Plus the airport is spelled "el aerpuerto" and th ee is an accent mark on también.

    llevar = (transportar) to carry; take, lead, carry away, take away; keep (playing cards), carry on (correspondance) put on (drama); lead (a good or bad life); bear (to put up with), stand for; suffer (punishment); get, obtain, win ; charge (a certain price); wear (clothing); bear (arms/weapons); have been (in certain expressions).

    It is used in many idioms.


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