if i have to write a passage using rhetorical devices on a person or an ideology..
what would be the best thing for me to write on and how can i got about it.

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  1. actually i hoping that maybe u could give me some suggestions as to what i could maybe write on.

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  2. Rhetorical devices are most easily used in either a descriptive or persuasive essay.

    You could describe an awesome sight or person.

    Or -- how about trying to persuade someone about health care, a sports team, a politician, or ???

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  3. ummm i have come up with this is it alright and areas where i could improve pleas...

    ann always makes it difficult for people to understand her.or so they think what sometimes maybe they fail to realize is that she is insightful.Her outlook towards life, and interpretations of everyday events or incidents are totally different from what random people like us would think.that is when they tend to think of not taking her seriously.it seemed like she didn't fit in.but she was different.
    a dreamy look about her eyes a walk almost like a glide, and then a stumble, a punctuation to her dreamy chain of thoughts you can say.
    this was ann, different from the rest of us yet one of us,thoughts unlike ours yet more defined,our peer yet not one of us.
    the best part about her was that whenever somebody needed to talk to her she was never busy, no matter what she was doing,for everybody she was simply there to listen, to advice, to show sense,sometimes to make what we thought wrong, right.
    that was why it was difficult to understand her,she seemed so calm and composed yet dreamy, so understanding yet the expression showed indifference,seemed to be listening yet so far away.
    that was ann one of us,yet, not among us.
    her parents were worried about her not because of all this but because she did not believe in god, being staunch catholics they tried to instill christian discipline into her which in her growing years she seemed to push away.but being the type of person she was it was difficult to believe that she was unlike her parents as far as religion was concerned but again it seemed she was like them.
    all this put together was our ann difficult to be around her yet incomplete without her.

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  4. Hi pat, maybe email me on skill3d0rkut33r(@)gmail(.)com, this is for ignou right. Perhaps u could help me or anything.. Lol cheers.. :D

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  5. Oh I messed up the msg, Just that you appear to be pursuing the same course as me. It would be kind of helpful if you could let me know on how you study and all that's it :D


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  6. you both appear to be pursuing the same course as me. It would be kind of helpful if you could let me know on how you study. pls help me..

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