Illegal Drugs

2. CheckPoint: Introduction and Conclusion

· Resource: Drafting Your Research Paper
· Consider the components of an effective introduction and an effective conclusion outlined in Drafting Your Research Paper.
· Write an introduction for your research paper that draws in readers.
· Write a conclusion for your research paper that effectively summarizes your paper.
· Post your introduction and conclusion as an attachment.

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  1. Sounds interesting.

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  3. SECOND the illigal drugs causes the gang violence because it identifies tha a number of factors that put youth at risk of gang involvement is poverty, school failure, substance abuse, family dysfunction, and domestic and societal violence. Illegal drugs are very harmful substances which affect a person’s life expectancy and, performance and the personalities. Gang research has focused extensively on the gang-drug nexus. Recent research, however, suggests that there is also a significant connection among gang involvement and gang violence. Researchers estimate that there are 3,875 youth gangs with a total of more than 200,000 gang members are established in the 79 largest U.S. cities like in Chicago, metropolitan area, all public and some parochial high schools, including many in suburban Cook County, reported evidence of gang activity. Gang activity has extended beyond the inner city of major population centers into smaller communities and suburbs. Today's gangs are best characterized by their diversity in ethnic composition, geographical location, organization, nature and extent of members' involvement in delinquent and/or criminal activities and violence.

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