Calculate how many joules of (total) heat energy are needed to convert the ice at -25.0 *C to steam at 100.0 *C?

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  1. How much mass of ice is there?
    You need the specific heats of ice and of water; the heat of vaporization, and the heat of fusion to answer this question.
    C,ice = 0.5 Cal/g C
    C,water = 1.0 Cal/g C
    H,fusion = 80 Cal/g
    H,vaporization = 540 Cal/g

    For Joules, multiply each by 4.184 J/Cal

    Total heat energy required =
    M*[C,ice*25C + H,fusion, + C,water * 100C + H.vaporization)

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  2. the heat required to convert 2 kg ice of -5

    OC to 100 OC water.

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