Business Law

What does is mean that "emissions trading has propertitized pollution"?

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  1. Express versus Implied Contracts. Suppose that a local businessperson, McDougal, is a good friend of
    Krunch, the owner of a local candy store. Every day on his lunch hour McDougal goes into Krunch¡¦s
    candy store and spends about five minutes looking at the candy. After examining Krunch¡¦s candy and
    talking with Krunch, McDougal usually buys one or two candy bars. One afternoon, McDougal goes into
    Krunch¡¦s candy shop, looks at the candy, and picks up a $1 candy bar. Seeing that Krunch is very busy,
    he catches Krunch¡¦s eye, waves the candy bar at Krunch without saying a word, and walks out.
    Is there a contract? If so, classify it within the categories listed in this chapter.
    In responding to the question be sure to:
    „h Discuss the elements of an implied contract.
    „h Discuss silence as acceptance.

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    posted by Richard
  2. Implied Contract

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