math- please help!

Please help with these 5 problems!
I have the solutions but I don't understand how to get them!

1. Perform the indicated operations and simplify:
[(2/x)-1]/(x^2 -4)

2. Subtract and simplify:
[12/(x^2 -4)] - [(3-x)/(x^2 + 2x)]

3. Perform the indicated operations and simplify:

4. Divide and simplify:
[(a^2 b)/(a-b)]/[(a+b)/(a^2-b^2)]

5. Perform the indicated operations and simplify


1. -1/(x^2 + 2x)

2. [x^2 + 7x + 6]/[x(x+z)(x-z)]
--typo in book?

3. xy/(x^2 - y^2)

4. a^2 b

5. x^2/(x-3)

asked by anonymous
  1. 1. Rewrite (2/x) -1 in the numerator as -(x-2)/x
    Factor (x^2/4) in the denominator as (x-2)(x+2)
    Then cancel out the (x-2) terms in numerator and denominator. You wil be left with -1/[x(x+2)]

    3. Rewrite x/y and y/x with a common denominator, xy.
    [(x^2- y^2)/xy]^-1 = xy/(x^2- y^2)

    You try the others. They are all exercises in factoring and canceling tems

    posted by drwls
  2. 8/9a^2 divide 4a^2-4a-24/a^2-6a+9 Perform the indicated operation

    posted by hhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. (2/3-1/6)divide by(1/4+4/5) reduce to lowes terms

    posted by Modest
  4. idk edsgfjhdsh

    posted by Anonymous

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