I have a prompt for an English essay and it says, "In a well developed composition, identify the character, describe what the character questions about society, and explain why the character's questioning is important to the meaning of literature."

It's supposed to be five paragraphs, so I planned on identifying the character in the 2nd, what he questions in the 3rd, and the meaning of literature in the 4th. But I don't know the basics of what I should right in the 2nd and 3rd, or even how to answer the question.

Can someone help me?

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asked by Ana
  1. I suggest you identify the character in your introductory (first) paragraph. Briefly list three things that the character questions. Include a brief statement about why these three questions are important to the meaning of literature. Be sure to write your thesis sentence at the end of this introduction.

    For the next three paragraphs, go into detail about each of these three questions and why they're important to the meaning of literature.

    Your fifth paragraph (the conclusion) should restate your thesis and summarize the points you've made to support it.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. What do theme mean in a short story

    posted by scarlet

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