My new friends are all great.
1. How do you like them?
2. What do you think about them?
3. How do you feel about them?
4. What do you think of them?
5. How do you feel of them?
6. How do you think about them?

(What is not correct and not the same as #1? I think #6 is incorrect. Am I right?)

7. He won three gold medals in/for the 100 meter, the 200 meter, and the 400 meter relay(s).
(Which preposition is right, 'in' or 'for'? Do we have to use 'relay' or 'relays' here?)

8. gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal/ copper medal

(Which one is correct, 'bronze' medal or 'copper' medal?)

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asked by rfvv
  1. In 1 - 6, only #5 is not correct. All the others are fine and mean about the same thing.

    7 -- "for" -- and yes, use the plural because there are three races named.

    8 -- bronze medal

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  2. Oh, yes, you're correct that #6 doesn't mean the same thing. So #s 5 and 6 are incorrect. #s 1-4 are fine.

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  3. Think of a time when you used rhetorical devices to persuade someone about something. Then, in 150-300 words, describe the situation and identify your use and the success of at least 2 rhetorical devices.

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