MATH need help

A submarine was cruising at a depth of 153 m. It then rose at 4.5 m/min for 15 min.

What was the submarine's depth at the end of this rise?

If the submarine continues to rise at the same rate, how much longer will it take to reach the surface?

My calculations
=-85.5 This is how I got the first part, and i don't know if i did it the right way. the 2nd part im stuck on. can someone please help me

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  1. 15 * 4.5 = 67.5

    153 - 67.5 = 85.5

    I got the same answer for the first part.

    85.5 / 4.5 = 19 minutes longer to reach the surface

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  2. thanks alot

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  3. You're welcome.

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  5. what are these well-known phrases?

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