A women walks 250m in the diretuibn 30 degrees east of north, then 175m east.
a)what is the magnitude and angel of her final displacement from the starting point?

I should be getting 370m and 36 degrees north of east but I keep on getting the wrong answers.

East: 250Sin30 + 175
North: 240cos30

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  1. ioo

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  2. 240

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  3. All angles are measured CCW from +x-axis.

    Disp. = 250m[60o] + 175m[0o].
    Disp. = (250*Cos60+i250*sin60) + 175.
    Disp. = 125+216.5i + 175 = 300 + 216.5i = 370m[36o].

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