Find an angle such that 3 times the complement of the angle is 10 degrees less than the supplement of the angle.

I know that supplement means 180 and complement is 90. I don't know what kind of problem this is.

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  1. 3 (90-x)= (180-x) -10

    270-3x= -1800+10x


    Divide through by 13 and there it is. Translate what is given to something that you can use.

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  2. at fiestadenoche

    buddy, you equation is right but the answer is wrong
    that should be 50

    should be

    thanks buddy

    buddy what is the the supplement of the angle if
    its angle is greater than 3 times its compliment whose difference is 12 degree. which this angle is the diffrence of the complement and supplement is 152 degrees

    thanks you buddies

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