A train track is 5280ft. long. After adding another foot of track, an arc is created. What is the height of the arc and how would i measure it?


The maximum height is given by
[2640(5280) + h^2 = [2640(5280) + 0.50]^2^2 making h = 1.94 ft.

This assumes each half of the track buckles up as two triangles.

The true arc height change is not possible tocalulate on the normal scientific calculator, I believe.

The arc height from the associated chord is given by h = R(1 - cos(µ/2) where R = the central radius and µ = the central angle subtended by the ars.


The lcm of 6 and 9 is 18. It's 18 'cause 6times 3= 18 and 9 times 2=18.

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