I am having such a hard time in this class. Hopefully someone here can help me to understand some of what they are trying to teach me. I have a problem here and have been working on it for about an hour now and I can not figure it out. I need to come up with an answer but I need to understand it too so if someone helps me could you please break things down for me so that I learn. Thank you.

I have to subtract and then simplify if possible.

the problem is....

(4-v)over(v-6) minus (2v-5)over(6-v).

I hope I put that on there to where someone can understand it because I have a hard time trying to figure out how to even get them on a computer for some of my assignments.

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  1. (4-v)/(v-6) - (2v-5)/(6-v)
    You can change the sign of the denominator of the second term and change the - to + at the same time.
    That gives you
    = (4-v)/(v-6) + (2v-5)/(v-6)
    Now that you have a common denominator, you can add the numerators together.
    = (4 - v + 2v -5)/(v-6)
    = (v-1)/(v-6)

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