Now can you please tell me if I am right for the following problems:

The speed of rain is about 1,100 feet per second. If you observe a flash of lighting and then hear the thunder 5 seconds later how far away from you did the lighting strike? Is this less or more than a mile? (A mile is 5,280)

My answer to the problem was: you heard the lighting 5,500 feet away which means that the distance is more than a mile.

Another question, tell if I am right to this problem:

A kid saw the flash of his moms flashlight on a hillside in the distance. Seven seconds later he heard the flashlight break. Approximate the distance to the flashlight, using the fact that sound travels 1,100 feet per second.

My answer to the problem was that the distance to the flashlight was 7,700 feet.

First: correct.

Second: Correct.

There is an old rule...count the seconds in a lightning flash, divide by 5: That is the approximate distance in miles to the lightening.

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