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Recently a group of college graduates released plans to develop a utopian society on an island secluded in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the Florida coastline. The 5-mile wide 10-mile long, somewhat hexagon-shaped island was owned by a graduate’s grandfather, who passed it down to him upon his death. Enormous rocks surround three fourths of the island providing only one harbor that can be accessed. This allows for easy protection and close monitoring of who leaves and enters the island. With gas prices at an all time high, chaoses brewing in the government, and high crime and poverty rates, founders feel that this society is necessary for there to be any change and any hope for a promising future. The utopian society (to be later named) will strive to provide citizens with the experience of an unsurpassed quality of life.
The selection of citizens will be made through an application process. Applicants must be a college graduates, be able to pass a thorough medical and psychological exam, and have no criminal record. Diversity is required to keep the island self-sufficient, so applicants from all fields are encouraged to apply. Although it is predicted that the island can accommodate approximately 1,200 citizens, plans for the actual design of the city will not be determined until after all citizens have been selected. It will then be custom built for its citizens and their needs. Due to the price of fuel, houses will be positioned near each citizen’s office. Solar panel cars will be used when needed to venture on the outskirts of the city and will be available at the Town Hall.

okay so far?

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  1. This looks verrrrrry good. Well thought out.

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  2. thanks =)
    I'm working on the laws and customs now, will post it in a few so you can see the finished product.

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