bobpursley, drwls. ms. sue Writeacher

When a second post is made to a question, the most recent is now at the bottom. Do any of you prefer the way it was, or do you like this better?

I prefer to have the answers shown in the order they were posted. The second answer may clarify or add information to the first post.

I agree with MsSue. That's been the sequence that makes sense to me.

As long as the times are posted, it does not matter to me. If I had done it, they would be in time order

Which way is better (chronologically):




For my 2 cents worth

I'm also confused about this.It is a very confusing answer.


I like the time sequence, latest one last. But not of great importance.

Well I think We'll get it back like it was then. It's the way I like it too.

My interpretation of the replies is that experts like it the way it is now better than previously:


This sequence makes more sense to me as well.

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