Help! I have an assignment and I lost my textbook. Does anyone have "Managerial Economics for a Global Economy" by D. Salvatore (6th Ed)?

If so, I need the integrating problem #15 on page 32. All I know is it is something about Samantha and a pharmacy... see below

The full details and information for this assignment can be found on page 32 of your textbook. You are to read the Integrating Problem (Problem 15), which involves the decision of whether to purchase a pharmacy.

After you have read the details of the scenario, answer the following:
a. What would be the business and economic profit if Samantha purchased the pharmacy?
b. What theory of profit would account for profits being earned by the pharmacy during the first 3 years?
c. What is your recommendation regarding the proposed purchase—that is, should Samantha purchase the pharmacy?


Help Please!!!!!

asked by Jez

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