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Are these correct:

Although Brazil is rich in natural resources,
a. the government has done little to foster economics growth
b. poverty is prevalent among its population
c. the country has not yet begun to industrialize
d. the location of these resources makes it almost impossible to use them


28. Which of the following explains why the human geographics of the three Guianas are different?
a. different types of government
b. distinct patterns of colonization
c. varying landscape patterns
d. different natural resources

8. Four major vegetation regions common to both the United States and Canada are
a. tundra, rain forest, ice cap, and desert scrub
b. forest, dessert scrub, savanna, and continental
c. tundra, forest, grassland, and highlands
d. ice cap, grassland, forest, and savanna

I'm not sure about this one

13. two great Indian civilizations of the Latin American region were
a. the Portugese and the Incan
b. the Aztec and the mayan
c. the Mayan and the Inuit
d. the Spanish and the Portugese

um..I thin it's B. I was stuck between B and C

14. The main landforms of Mexico are the Sierra Madres and the
a. central plateau
b. Isthmus of Panama
c. Amazon Basin
d. Andes


17. The climate on the Caribbean coast of Central America is rainier than the climate on the Pacific coast because the Caribbean coast
a. receives moisture throughout the year from the northeasterly winds blowing toward Central America
b. has no high mountains to prevent moisture from reaching the area
c. lies at a higher elevation
d. has many inlets and lakes


19. All of the following statements about Brazil's economy are true EXCEPT:
a. Because of the development of gasohol, Brazil no longer has to import expensive foreign oil
b. Industrial developments have destroyed the middle class
c. Jobs in service industries usually pay more than jobs in agriculture
d. Despite industrial development, poverty remains in the cities and the agricultural northeast

i know it's not A. I would go with D

Thank you so much

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  1. Brazil -- I disagree

    28. Correct

    8. (Broken Link Removed)

    13. The Inuit are in northern North America. Therefore b. is correct.

    14. Good heavens, where is the Amazon Basin?

    17. Correct


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  2. thank you so much!
    Although, I'm still not sure about #8 and #19

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