physical education/sport

explain the view that physical education is a process of educating the whole person

Chloe, this is just my opinion, but it is supported by both physiology and psychology. Just as a brain needs age and experience to mature to its potential, the body needs the same thing. Think of a baby. The body must practice all sorts of movements before it is ready to crawl, walk, run. Physical therapists have found that if any of these steps is skipped, then maximum potential will usually not be reached.
To use a metaphor - if any part of a machine is not working to its full potential, the total process can not happen. People do not function on brain power alone. If this were the case.... we would have evolved to a "brain with a finger" to turn out the light so we could feed outselves and poke the buttons on the computor <G>
I firmly believe that it was faulty economics that led schools to lessen the physical education requirements...and we are now paying the price in less healthy children.

dun understand

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