I forgot these other two sentences for you to check.

1) Her younger son did a one-week skiing course for beginners.
2) He also took private skiing (ski) lessons in the afternoon for a week
3) THe ski instructor taught him how to snowplough without ski poles.
4) He fell over only once because of the fog.
5) It was not worth buying him the skiwear since we thought he'll soon grow out of it. We rented both the ski boots and the skies.
Thank you

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asked by Franco
  1. All are OK except for the spelling of the last word (skis).

    "Skiing lessons" is preferred over "ski lessons". The sport is skiing. A ski is what you wear.

    Snowplough is sometimes written as two words and often spelled "snowplow" in the USA. You are OK with that.

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    posted by drwls

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