Junior ate 30% of the sandwiches at the picnic. If he ate 1 ½ sandwiches, how many
sandwiches were there?

you cant solve this right?

We can't?? Sez who?
Let x denote the number of sandwiches. Then we're told 30%x=.30x=1.5 sandwiches. So
x=1.5/.30=?? something you can do.

its .05 right?

Junior ate 30% of the sandwiches at the picnic. If he ate 1 ½ sandwiches, how many
sandwiches were there ?
[A] 0.45 [B] 20 [C] 45 [D] 4.5 [E] None of these

yea i thought it was .05 too but that's not one of the answers

It's not .05, it should be 1.5/.30 = 5 which is still not one of the answers, but it's not your answer either. Check my post again.
Check: .30*5=1.5=30% of 5

right thanks

yeah thanks cassie is my sister

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