Find the volume of a right circular cylinder whose base has an area of 6 cm^2 and whose
height is 17 cm.

am i right that V=(b1+b2)H

Check the formula you used. The volume of a right circular cylinder is
V=pi*(r^2)*h where r is the radius and h is the height, or
V=B*h where B is the area of the base and h is the height.
Here B=6cm^2 and h=17cm

they already give me the area of the base tho and don't u have to add in both bases?

Not for the volume, it's just V=B*h. You might be thinking of surface area; for that you would need to add the area of the bases.

so it would be 6cm^2x17 which would be 102cm^3
would it be 612cm^3

This is correct
"so it would be 6cm^2x17 which would be 102cm^3"
You have V = B * h = 102cm^3
Your second calculation goes too far.

oh ok thanks

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