For whatever reason I'm drawing a huge blank on this problem.

Shane returned from a trip to Las Vegas with $300.00, which was 50% more money than he had at the beginning of the trip. How much money did Shane have at the beginning of his trip?

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  1. x = beginning amount
    300 = 1.5 x

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  2. because 50% more = 100% + 50% which is 1.5

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  3. Thank You!

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  4. $200

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  5. X+x/2=300
    Put x over one and find the common denominator so that it can be added with x over 2. The common demoninator would be two. The new equation will be 2x/2+x/2=300.
    Combine like terms so that the equation is 3x/2=300
    then cross multiply. The equation will now be 600/3=300x/1

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