Physics (Please Help)

A map of a burned area obtined from remote sensing contains 120 pixels. The remote sensing image shows that the fire is isolated to 73 of the 120 pixels.

a) how many km^2 of forest does the image represent?

b) how many km^2 of the forest is burned?
c) how many km^2 of forest remained after the fires?

I know that 1 pixel = 900m^2 but I do not know how to solve these problems.

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  1. They are all similar

    Your unit conversion factor is 900m^2/120 pixels = 1, or 120pixels/900m^2=1

    a) convert 73 pixels to km^2
    73pixels*900m^2/120pixels = .....
    b) convert (120-73)pixels to km^2

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