how many grams of HNO3 can be produced if 225 grams of NO2 is mixed with 55.2 g of H2O?

3NO2 + H2O=2HNO3 + NO

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  1. Compute the number of moles of NO2 and H2O to determine which reactant is limiting.
    There are 55.2/18 = 3.07 moles of H2O and 225/46 = 4.89 moles of NO2. There is more than enough H2O available to react with NO2, so NO2 is the limiting reactant. 4.89 moles of NO2 will resct with 4.89/3 = 1.63 moles of H2O to form 3.26 moles of HNO3. Convert that to grams using the molecular weight of HNO3.

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  2. 205 g of HNO3

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