business law

If a employer gives a reference to another person by stating what you did in you previous postion, could you have a claim of defamation of character or claim of invasion of privacy or a unfair labor practice.

I believe it is a defamation of character, am i correct?

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  1. Wouldn't that depend upon what the employer said?

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  2. They said that you did a decent job for them but that you could have worked harder.

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  3. Ahh! That makes a difference.

    Probably that is defamation of character.

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  4. So, would this be more defamation of character or invasion of privacy. The employeer also stated that he was late to work on different occasions.

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  5. I don't see how it's invasion of privacy. Being late for work and not working very hard are not private affairs.

    When a person asks a former employer to give a reference, then s/he has given permission for information about his/her job performance.

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