Science (optics)

Please help me!!!!

A swimmer looks up from underwater in a pool and sees a tree. The light traveling in the air makes an ancle of 40 degrees, with the surface of the water. Calculate the anglethe light ray makes with the surface of the water ( n= 1.33) while traveling in the water

i know the answer is 55 degrees, but i have NO idea how to get it :(

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  1. Use Snell's law, which states that
    n1 * sin theta1 = n2 * sin theta2

    The "theta" angles are the angles the ray makes with the perpendicualr, not the surface. The n's are the indexes of refraction in the two differient media.

    For air, the angle is theta2 = 50 degrees and n2 = 1.00

    For water, the angle is theta1 and n = 1.33

    So, solve this equation:

    1.33 sin theta1 = 1 * sin 50

    sin theta1 = 0.576

    theta1 = 35.2 degrees

    The angle of the ray with the surface is 90 degrees minus that, or 54.8 degrees. They want you to round that to 55 degrees

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  2. Ignore Natosha's incorrect answer

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  3. alright, so does anybody have a right answer? lol

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  4. Trust drwls's answer.

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