It's a monomial and we are told to simplify and assume no denominator is equal to zero.
its a -10m-1y0r means -10m to the neg. 1 power and y to the 0 power and r. I don't know how to write the powers. that equation is divided by -14m-7y-3r-4.which means -14m to the -7 power y to the -3 power and r to the-4 power.

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  1. What you have described should be written (in the typed format we have to use here) as
    -10*m^-1* y^0 *r/[-14*m^-7*y^-3*r^-4]

    Any number to the zero power is 1, so you can get rid of the y^0 term in the numnerator.
    Exponents in the denominator can be brought to the numerator with a change of sign, and added to whatever exponent is in the numerator attached to the same variable. The -10/-14 can be rewritten as the factor 5/7.

    You are then left with

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