The offspinf of true-breeding parents are called the:
a) F1 generation
b) f2 generation
c) dominant offspring
d) recessive offspring

I know its not c or d so that leaves me with a, or b.

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  1. come on help me pleeeeease

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  2. Hi Christina,
    The offspring of true-breeding parents are called the a) F1 generation. Think of it like in human families: the parents have the first generation of kids. Then, when THOSE kids have kids - producing grandkids - that's an F2 generation. So PxP=F1 and F1xF1=F2. If the "grandkids" had kids - great-grandkids from the viewpoint of the original "P" parents - those offspring would be an F3 generation. And so on and so forth.

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