Can you please help me rephrase a poem by Whitman or at least check if my sentences are correct?
1)We were holding each other tightly without ever leaving each other (??)
2) We enjoyed going up and down, making excursions, being powerful (??)
3) We streched our elbows and held our fingers tightly because we didn't want to lose each other (or to part from each other)
4) We were armed and fearless, we didn't follow any laws (we disregarded or we were careless of the laws)
5) We sailed, soldiered (?), stole and threatened, plundered cities
6) "Misers, menials, priests alarming" (??) We alarmed or frightened those who were stingy, menials(?) and the priests
7) We plundered cities, despised ease and statutes, chased weakness and we made forays
8)Can you also check if these spellings are possible?
two kiwis or two kiwi fruits
two kakis or two kaki
two grapefruits or ..fruit
Can I replace a hundred grams of ham with a hectogram of ham???

I really hope someone can help me.

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  1. 5. Put the word "and" between threatened "and" plundered.
    6. menial (not plural = adjective)
    Yes, hectogram = 100 grams


    P.S. I would not add anything within parentheses.

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  2. Again and again ... you need to put proper punctuation at the ends of sentences -- usually periods, but sometimes question marks or exclamation marks.

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