Mrs Sue,
Sorry to keep bothering you ! I have once more corrected the four answers . Do you mind checking them again. I so hate these assignments as I have such a hard time. Thank you so much for looking over my answers for me.

8. The victims’ rights movement developed because victims of crime felt they had no rights in the criminal justice system.-(C) Categorical Statements

9. Thurgood Marshall, a pro-criminal, bleeding-heart liberal, considers the harm a victim suffered irrelevant in a criminal trial.-(N)

11. Victim impact statements force juries to base their decisions on emotion rather than on objective facts. - (A) Bandwagon

12. As Deborah Kelly, chair of the American Bar Association’s Victims’ Committee, accurately concludes, victims’ satisfaction with the criminal justice system depends more on how they were treated than how severely their
Assailants were punished- (N)

A. Bandwagon - The idea that everybody does this or believes this doing something because everyone else does.

B. Categorical Statements-stating something in a way that implies there can be no argument or disagreement on the issue if this is true/ then the other is not or if this is not true, the other is true.

C. Personal Attack- criticizing an opponent personally instead of rationally debating his or her ideas.

D. Testimonial –quoting or paraphrasing an authority or celebrity to support one’s own viewpoint.

N = Neither

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asked by david
  1. 8. Correct

    9. Personal attack (Pro-criminal, bleeding-heart liberal are insulting terms.)

    11. I think this is categorical

    12. Testimonial (It quotes an important person.)

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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