I need some help with this question.
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English to Spanish

The Princess used to sing.

The only way I though of writing it was (La Princess canta) and I think that is the present and not the past.

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you see "used to...." it will be the Imperfect. La princesa cantaba.


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  2. Now that I have more time, let me show you the English translations for different tenses.
    ella canta = she singS, she DOES sing, she IS singING = Present

    ella cantó = she sang, she DID sing = Preterit (a past tense)

    ella cantaba = she used to sing, she WAS singING = Imperfect (a past tense)

    ella cantará = she will (shall is dying out in English) sing = Future

    ella cantaría = she WOULD sing = Conditional

    ella ha cantado = she HAS sung = Present Perfect

    ella había cantado = she HAD sung = Past Perfect

    If you need any others, just let me know.


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