Radison and Groseilliers were a benefit to the English--how come-- what occured because of this association? Where were the HBC posts located? With what native groups did they rely on for furs? Describe what the term "Made Beaver" means.

Radison and Groseilliers were a benefit to the English because they both had planned to establish a fur trade based on Hudson Bay. Because of this organization, King Charles II and his cousin Prince rupert claimed the territory and named it Rupert's Land. They now had rights to all the lands drained by all the rivers flowing into Hudosn bay. The HBC posts were located at the ouths of large rivers on the shores of Hudson Bay and James Bay. They relied on the Cree, Assiniboin, and Chippewa for furs. The term Made Beaver means a prime adult beaver fur. It was used to gauge the value of all the other furs.

There are proabably sentences in here that do not make sense, please change them around so they do, thanks in advance. Tell me if everything is done correctly.

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  1. It's great. After you correct the typo -- ouths to mouths -- all of your sentences make sense.

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  2. thanks:-)

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