hi what does the alliteration in the first line of this poem represent

In The Gallery

Here neither nymph nor naiad ever bathed
nor Saint refreshed herself in pristine water,

here, in The Gallery, between Tie Rack,
Camera Shop, B. Dalton, Radio Shack,

Dad's Pizzas, Message Cards and Chez
Chocolat, a stream and pool are held

in marble, or simulated marble, banks
with fountains on two levels and a water-

fall, where pumped recirculated water's
splash and gurgle cools or seems to cool

the loud bright air so filled with crowds and hawkers,
bottom agleam with shining coins whose shimmer

reflects the neon clash of colors flashing
on pennies aglitter, gleaming quarters, dimes

tossed in from the concrete shore or flung
from the arched bridge that joins one teeming aisle

of bargains to the other, each coin sent
with a silent, urgent wish to some unseen power--

Dear Goddess of Good Luck, whatever your name now,
please smile on us, who make this place your grove.

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  1. neither nymph naiad = nothing?

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