I coreccted my homework and tomorrow I have to give a homework wich is written in a perfectenglish

Please correct my mistakes.
I don't have to do mistakes because when I will go to N-y I will be ridiulous

President Obama had a controversial first year: 30 000 additonal soldiers were sent out to Afghanistan and after that he received the Nobel Peace Prize . I thought that it was important to know if the leading measure of Obama campaign could suffer a setback . That's why,I was interested by a NYTimes article dated 24/12/09 which deals with the health care bill.
In effect, this morning the health care bill was voted 60-39 at Senate . Since Theodore Roosvelt seven presidents unsuccessfully try to reform the nation's health care system: a historic moment .
In fact, there are Medicaid for the poorests and Medicare for the eld-erly (without social condition) and disabled people . President Obama put a lot of billes though the Senate and House (voted last month) he declared being willing to help them work out their deifferences (for example)
In the Senate,none of the Republicans voted "aye" .They find their argument in the new taxes and fees due to the cost the cost over 1,000 billion . For example the bill plans to increase the wealth tax by 5,4% . Only ,[those who have the means]]can afford a coverage in USA. Every year millions of people are ruined or they receive bad treatment, so . On top of that, competition could prevent insurance companies from charging fees. That's why I think it's just an opportunity for the "reconstruction" of Republicans after the failure of the presidential election. However they're supported by conservatives who think that the redistibution is opposite to the American ideal of "responsibility":the money that we earn doesn't have beeing spent by others. Selfishness hides behind that value. The Amerian people is undergoing a great injustice.

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  1. That's why,I was interested = drop the comma

    try to reform = tried

    for the poorests = poorest

    social condition??? Do you mean Social Security?

    lot of billes = bills

    he declared being = He declared (new sentence)

    deifferences = differences (spelling0

    to the cost the cost over 1,000 billion . = remove one of "the cost"

    Don't end the sentence with "so." You could begin the next one with "So,..."

    doesn't have beeing spent b= = doesn't hav to be spent

    The American people ARE...


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  2. Can you PLEASE correct me that sentences

    1/-Every year millions of people receive bad treatments or they sometimes are ruined

    I said in the text that between House&Senate there are differences for example
    2/-the new's system management (I'm sure it's false but I didn't arrive to correct me

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  3. THANKS for your corrections Sra

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