A sum of money was shared among Amos, Benny and Cathy. Amos received 1/4 of the sum. Benny received 2/5 of the remainder and Cathy received the rest.
As a result, Cathy received $150 more than Benny.

(a) What is the amount received by
(b) Find the sum of money?

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  1. Let s = sum
    (1/4)s + (2/5)(3/4)s + (2/5)(3/4)s + 150 = s

    (1/4)s + (3/5) s + 150 = s

    (5/20 + 12/20) s +150 = s

    (17/20)s + 150 = s

    (3/20) s = 150

    s = 50*20 = 1000
    Amos get 1/4 of that or 250

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