I have to write a college essay but I don't know how to begin it
the prompt is who has been the most influentail people in my life
and the answer is my parents

so what's a good first sentence I want it to be catchy and let the reader be interested fast

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  1. Have you written your outline for this essay?

    As you detail the reasons your parents have been influential, you'll probably discover a good first sentence.

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  2. the professor told us to start out with a catchy sentence

    then Plan it
    I wanna say that my parents influenced me because they gave me opportunites by coming to America

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  3. I suggest you emphasize the sacrifices that your parents made as immigrants.

    How about?

    Immigrating to the United States was a challenge for my parents.

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  4. I feel like it's a sentence for a freshman or a sophomore to use
    I'm a junior and I'm wanting to grab you in so you can read the rest

    thank you though:)

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  5. How about starting with a brief anecdote?

    I keep remembering one of the essays an immigrant friend of mine wrote -- entitled "Spaghetti with Chopsticks."

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