MAKE R the subject of the formulaq........ I =(mne) devide by (mR+nr)...........Its N2 math can u help?

It's not at all clear to me what your question is, what does this mean?
"MAKE R the subject of the formulaq........"
In this part, are we to take I,m.n.e,R and r as variables?
"I =(mne) devide by (mR+nr)"
What is N2 math?
"...........Its N2 math can u help?"

Is the formula I=(mne)/(mR+nr)?

yes it is I=(mne)/(mR+nr).
N2 math is the level i'm doing..i'm at the colledge. thanx for ur help.

You're welcome, but it would help to know what the question was seeking. We're given
"MAKE R the subject of the formulaq........ I =(mne) devide by (mR+nr)...........Its N2 math can u help"
So I=(mne)/(mR+nr).
Do we want to express R as a function of the other variables? I'm not really sure here. If so, then swap I and (mR+nr) to get
mR+nr =(mne)/I then
mR=(mne)/I - nr and finally
R=(1/m)[(mne)/I - nr]
Is that what was asked for here?
If so, I'll let you finish simplifying it.

Can you help me with an Algebra word Problem?

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  1. Make r to be the subject of the formula

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