spanish 2

How do you say
She like to dance.
in these forms
you spoke (formal) = usted (el,ella)

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asked by kate
  1. to dance = bailar

    Then write out the verb tense chart with the '-ar' endings. After that chop off the 'ar' from bailar and add the verb endings.

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    posted by Connor
  2. can you check these

    Ella gustar bailar
    yo gustar bailar
    nosotros gustar bailar
    Ellos gustar bailar

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    posted by kate
  3. you didn't conjigate the verbs at all


    yo bailo

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    posted by Connor
  4. A ella le gusta bailar (literally you are saying to dance is pleasing to her)

    A mí me gusta bailar.
    A ti te gusta bailar.
    A él le gusta bailar.
    A ella le gusta bailar.
    A usted le gusta bailar.

    A nosotros (OR nosotras) nos gusta bailar.
    A vosotros (OR vosotras) os gusta bailar.
    A ellos les gusta bailar.
    A ellas les gusta bailar.
    A ustedes les gusta bailar.

    There you have all of them: I, you, he, she, you singular and formal

    we, you plural and familiar, they (male), the (female), you-all


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