The unit which I'm on right now focuses on different types of clothing found in diiferent types of stores. I'm having difficulties on some parts of this unit and would like clarification. Notes would be helpful. My chapter's title is On fait les magasins. In this chapter I have learned to express likes and dislikes. Agree and disagree. Express need. Express intentions. Invite. Inquire about and compare prices. Ask for information. Give information. Ask someone to repeat. Choose and purchase items. One main part I am having complications on is the Position of Adjectives. I have some notes on them, but would like to have more. The notes are below.

Position of Adjectives:
In French, adjectives usually follow the nouns they describe.

Donnez-moi une boisson(chaude).
Je voudrais un café(noir).
Mario est un serveur(italian).

Some frequently used adjectives precede the nouns they describe. These adjectives often express beauty, age, number, goodness, and size. I would love to have more notes.

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  1. Unlike English, most descriptive adjectives in French follow the noun they modify. Some short descriptigve adjectives that usually precede the noun are:
    beau, bon, court, gentil, grand, gros, jeune, joli, long, mauvais, nouveau, petit, vieux, vilain

    those are only the masculine singular forms, but don't forget an adjective modifies the noun(s) in gender (masculine or feminine) and in number (singular or plural.)

    Other common adjectives that precede the noun are: autre, chaque, dernier, plusieurs, premier, quelque, quelques, tel, tout

    The adjecive "tout" precedes the definite article:
    toute la maison
    tous les animaux

    Certain French adjectives have TWO or more meanings. In their usual position, AFTER the noun, they have their literal meaning. BEFORE the noun, they ave a different meaning.

    un ancien livre = an old (ancient) book
    une ancienne coutume = a former custom

    un garçon brave = a brave boy
    un brave garçon = a fine (good, worthy) boy

    une étoffe chère = an expensive material
    un cher ami = a dear friend (esteemed, cherished)

    la semaine dernière = last week (just passed)
    la dernière semaine = the last week (of a series)

    un auteur méchant = a spiteful (wicked, vicious, ill-natured) author
    un méchant auteur = a bad (pitiful, inept) author
    un méchant garçon = a bad (naughty) boy

    la chose même = the very thing
    la même chose = the same thing

    mes gants propres = my clean gloves
    mes propres gants = my own gloves

    un homme seul = a man alone, a single man (by himself)
    le seul homme = the only man

    If you keep these lists, adjectives will be easier!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  2. thanks Sra, your notes helped me understand about adjectives much more better. I'm going to keep these notes with me forever.

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