this is last thing to proof read

My dad said if my son take decision he always do it. He get up at seven every morning,shower and dress and eat he bike along Chang An. he has routine know. Then he rode by forbidden city that looks like ghost town and he nine dragon wall. He went to Tian An Men square and Eddie told him if you get bore so there is a place at south end of square.

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  1. My dad said if my son makes a decision he always does it. He gets up at seven every morning, showers, dresses, and eats He bikes along Chang An. He has a routine now. When he rode by the Forbidden City he said that it looks like a ghost town and he nine dragon wall. He went to Tian An Men square and Eddie told him if you get bored there is a place at the south end of the square.

    I don't understand the underlined part.

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